Comprehensive Annual Report Production Services in Australia

Client Consultation

Obligation free on site visit, the initial discussions elaborates on our services and provides answers to any questions. All quotes are provided by the next business day.
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Project Management

One point of contact manages every part of the process to ensure seamless delivery of chosen services based on your organisations time frames and allocated Budget. The Project Manager has extensive experience working collaboratively with clients to provide excellent customer service every step of the way, and can come to your office or work remotely to ensure your projects are delivered to your requirements.

We are passionate about providing a positive client experience every time and value your feedback. We listen! and we deliver!

Content Writing

Our content writer will ensure that your story is informative, yet interesting and engaging using written content that not only captures what your organisation does, but also highlights any major achievements and provides an update on the future outlook of your organisation. We also ensure the delivery of your organisations key messages by consistently weaving these throughout the Annual Report.

A lot of effort goes into the production of Annual Reports, so we make sure your story is understood by your organisations broader stakeholder audience, through content writing which is; readable, understandable, uses engaging headings and subheadings, a consistent tone and incorporates your organisations style guide.

We offer the content writing service that meets your organisations needs, our writer can refine content already written or we can interview relevant stakeholders to write the entire content of your Annual Report; the decision is yours!

Design and Photography

We create reports which are fresh and innovative, but which maintain the delicate balance required to ensure your organisations Annual Report design remains professional.

Our designs takes into account the theme we help you develop and we ensure it is consistently reflected throughout the report. All design has a logical structure, inviting layouts with multiple text, visual elements and info graphics to assist in communicating your organisations story and achievements.

We also offer the services of an experienced photographer who captures engaging photos with a creative edge that complement your story. Alternatively you can provide images which reflect your organisations brand and story as well as enlisting our photographic service.

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We understand that year end is a busy time of the year. So ease the pressure by enlisting the services of our Financial Reporting specialists who are able to convert your audited trial balance into a statutory reporting format compliant with the latest Accounting Standards and Regulations applicable to your industry.

Annual Report Production

Annual Report delivery is in both print and digital mediums, mobile applications are also available.

We make it our business to ensure you are happy with the final product; our Project Manager will talk you through all the paper and binding options and ensure premium print quality and colour to best meet your budget, and will ensure that all online reports are easy to access and navigate.
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For affordable, creative annual report production, call Wordplay Reporting on +61 408 994 821.

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